Adolescents’ Attitudes Towards Viral Hepatitis Transmission at Secondary Schools

Ali H. Hussein (1) , Zaid W. Ajil (2)
(1) Academic Nurse/Al-Diwaniya Health Directorate/Ministry of Health/ , Iraq
(2) Assist. Prof. Pediatric Nursing Department, College of Nursing/University of Baghdad , Iran, Islamic Republic of


Objective(s): The study's objective is to assess the students' attitudes regarding the prevention of viral hepatitis     transmission.

Methodology: A descriptive quantitative study was used to assess adolescents’ attitudes towards viral hepatitis transmission at Al Diwaniyah secondary schools. The period of the study started from (24th December 2023 to 20th May 2024). The study has been carried out on adolescents in secondary schools at AL-Diwaniyah center, in 8 schools, The study applied a non-probability (purposive) sample of 400 students were selected randomly to conduct the study.

Results: The results showed that less than two third of students are in the age between 14 and 16 and female equal male in the study sample. In addition, this study showed that more than half of students had poor attitudes related to prevention of viral hepatitis transmission.

Conclusion: The current study showed significant correlation between students’ attitudes towards prevention of viral hepatitis transmission and age, father's educational level, and housing data at P < 0.05.


  1. Promoting the role of school health in educating students about viral hepatitis.

  2. Encouraging health education initiatives aimed at families and students that emphasize transmission methods, prevention, and consequences.

  3. 3. Increased collaboration between the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, and parents, with a focus on immunization and vaccination programs to prevent viral hepatitis.

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Ali H. Hussein (Primary Contact)
Zaid W. Ajil
Hussein, A. H. ., & Ajil, Z. W. . (2024). Adolescents’ Attitudes Towards Viral Hepatitis Transmission at Secondary Schools. Journal of Current Medical Research and Opinion, 7(05), 2510–2520.

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